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Mission & Vision


Giving our students the opportunity to connect and co-innovate with industry on various projects and events.

By equipping our students with the technical skills offered by our industrial partners, we will provide foundational level knowledge to use in their Senior Projects, research papers, and also give the students an idea about their career options in technology, especially as they’re working on challenges provided to us by Government, Semi-Government entities. Such Initiative make a globe impact in students’ lives.


Incubating environment to enhancing value to students, faculty, staff, and society by moving collaboratively towards a technological innovation, excellence and overarching shared vision that has community and stakeholder support.


  • Disseminating and honing awareness of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, talent and distinction.
  • Mentor students and matching with expert faculty from across ZU and domain/industry experts from throughout UAE
  • Support students in their senior projects and research
  • Support entrepreneurial ideas generated by students and their collaborators
  • Expand opportunities for ZU students to acquire entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and perspective
  • Link ZU students with successful private sector entrepreneurs and investors
  • provide co-curricular activities opportunities for students to further develop their unique capabilities, interests and needs.


  • Presentations of the Senior Projects in the Centre.
  • The Centre will be initiating a conference each year or two years.
  • Centre will help with running research workshops, proposals.
  • Help BSc/ MSC students with their Thesis by working on real problems.
  • Run Competitions at national and international level.
  • Engage and Collaborate with global community of educators and students especially for our MSc students who are looking to continue their studies.

Our Community

  • Invite experts, educators and corporate gurus to share their knowledge and best practices with students, academics and the wider community.
  • Increase the number of new companies and products brought to market by ZU students.
  • Expand the number of new ventures launched in UAE and GCC, providing economic, social and financial returns.
  • Excel as a focal point for enhancing regional and international research collaboration, by providing a forum for students, faculty and staff to share ideas and results on Next Gen applications.