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Zayed University successfully hosted the inaugural Industrial Forum of Excellence in Innovation and Economic Development, a flagship event presented by CTI NextGen. This pivotal gathering brought together esteemed academics, industry leaders, and research institutions to explore and forge innovative solutions addressing global challenges within smart cities, digital transformation, and green technology realms.

The forum was officially opened by Prof. Dr. Omar Alfandi, Dean of the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University. A warm welcome was extended by Dr. Fatma Taher, Director of the CTI NextGen Centre at Zayed University, who also provided an insightful overview of the goals and guiding principles of CTI NextGen.

The event saw participation from distinguished guests including Prof. Dr. Hany Moustapha, Professor and Director at the Innovation SDG Network and Aerospace 4.0™, Mr. Markus Schwarz, VP of Siemens Advanta Middle East, Mr. Kamran Shaukat, Head of Solution Sales-Middle East at Siemens Advanta, Mr. Thaer Kaddorah, Service Sales Manager-Middle East at Siemens, and Dr. Mohammed Mustafa from the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Zayed University.

A highlight of the forum was the session led by Mr. Markus Schwarz, Vice President of Siemens Advanta Middle East and Head of Consulting, who delved into the pivotal role of digital twins in the development of smart cities.

Dr. Hany Moustapha, CEO of the SDG Innovation Network in Canada and Director of the Galala University Knowledge and Transfer Center (KTTC), captivated attendees with his presentation “Towards a Smart-Digital-Green (SDG) Society.” He emphasized the crucial interplay between smart technologies, digitalization, and sustainability in forging an environmentally conscious and technologically advanced society.

The forum also featured a panel discussion titled “Industry-University Collaboration for Digital Twin and Economic Development.” Moderated by Dr. Mohammed Mustafa, the panel included Dr. Hany Moustapha, Mr. Markus Schwarz, Mr. Kamran Shoukat, and Mr. Thaer Kaddorah, offering profound insights into the synergy between academia and industry in driving forward economic development and innovation in digital twin technology.

The event concluded on a highly promising note, underlining the potential for continued collaboration and innovation across the sectors, digital transformation, and green technology. Dr. Nadia Bhuiyan, Interim Provost, Chief Academic Officer and Associate Provost at Zayed University, marked the occasion by presenting mementos to the esteemed guests, as a token of appreciation for their invaluable contributions and insights.