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What We Do

Connecting the Problem Space with the Solution Space

The CTI NextGen Center connects students, faculty with government and industry to develop new technology innovations that are linked to the United Arab Emirates strategic priorities and the 17 UN Global Goals. The center opens the possibilities for ZU students and faculty to collaborate with industry and government entities.

Thought Leadership

Open new channels to share thought leadership and collaborate with other thought leaders in...

Connect Leaders

Connect companies recruiting next generation leaders with students and graduates who have...

Educate the Next Generation

Educate students with knowledge and skills for digital futures

Showcase Talented Startups

Showcase startups with corporates seeking to seed in disruptive innovation

Support entrepreneurial ideas generated by students and their collaborators

Mentor students and matching with expert faculty from across ZU and domain/industry experts from throughout UAE,  support students in their senior projects and research and link ZU students with successful private sector entrepreneurs and investors


Incubating environment to enhancing value to students, faculty, staff, and society by moving collaboratively towards a technological innovation, excellence and overarching shared vision that has community and stakeholder support. 


Giving our students the opportunity to connect and co-innovate with industry on various projects and events.

NextGen Center Spaces

The Design Principles of the center are based on the URBAN DESIGN / NEIGHBOURHOOD and the Design Thinking methodology. This will start from the Commons where we chose the Arabic name Al Warsha were teams and individuals will have the space to research, define and understand the requirement of any project, followed by the Nexus where we chose the Arabic name Takween where they ideate and imagine the project in a shared meeting space, to display the implicit information to help the teams learn, responds and develop the idea.